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Oliver Selfridge III

Oliver Selfridge III, oldest son of Oliver Selfridge II and cousin Elizabeth Selfridge. Born 1785 in Cambridge, NY and died in North Argyle on August 11, 1862, buried in Old North Argyle Cemetery. He was a Carriage Maker and Craftsman in his lifetime.
He married Anna Mariah Wilson abt. 1812 and fathered two daughters, Elizabeth and Anna Maria. Elizabeth married John C. Fullerton and moved to DeKalb Co., IL and produced a family of 5 girls and 4 boys there. Anna Maria stayed in Washington Co. area and married Marvin W. Clapp, producing two boys and one girl. [Details supplied on request.]
This photograph was taken in 1858, a daguerreotype mounted on leather and hand-tinted. Only about the size of a 60-cent postage stamp, it was digitally photographed and extensively Photoshopped to eliminate scratches, fading and the 'rippling-water' effect of the leather surface.
The original photo is in the possession of Anna B. Selfridge, Lima, OH.


  • Betty H Rowland on 2013-Apr-28 15:48:12 Betty H Rowland said

    would like to contact individual who submitted this information on daughter Anna Maria Selfridge who married Marvin W. Clapp since the submitter indicated "details supplied on request". Am looking for information on where Anna and Marvin Clapp are buried. Thanks you. bhrowland@aol.com

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