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Duba Family Album[b]

This album was owned by Abel Duba and his wife Anna Gillett Duba, who lived in Granville, Washington County, NY. Abel Duba (1858-1923) was born in Grande Isle, Vermont, the son of Rame Duba and Eloise Vamo (their names appear with several different spellings). The Dubas migrated from Eastern Canada and are of French ancestry. Abel married Anna Gillette (1856-19530, the daughter of Amos Gillette and Maria Barber Gillette, who apparently emigrated from Ireland and settled in Washington County, NY. The Dubas lived in North Granville after their marriage. They had no children. Anna is the sister of Cora Gillette Vogel and you will see several of the same people in both the Duba and the Vogel albums.

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