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  • Luther Juckett on 2014-Nov-26 21:56:42 Luther Juckett said

    Utica Morning Herald



    — A Troy exchange says: Twenty years
    ago Mrs. Reuben Juckett of East Whitehall,
    died and was buried. Last May Reuben himself
    died, having requested that his wife's re-
    mains be placed nigh his own. Last Thursday
    the dead man's wish was fulfilled. The
    woman's body was disinterred, found to be
    petrified and in almost a perfect state of pres-
    ervation. The hair was gone and the eyes
    had rotted away, but the outlines of the form
    were the same as in life. The last vestige of
    clothing as well as the greater part of the
    coffin had decayed The body rested only on
    the calves of the legs and the back of the
    head. Mrs. Juckett weighed two hundred
    pounds at her death, and the petrified corpse
    is supposed to have been somewhat heavier
    than the living weight. The color of the outside
    was like the yellowish white clay in
    which the body had been buried.

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